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A gallery with various photos of planes and cars. I also write original fiction as a writing exercise so they will also appear on here, please enjoy :)



Name: Miki Okamura

Age: (24 before the events of GFoW:S) 48

Date of birth: April 16th 1969

Gender: Female

Rank: Second Lieutenant 

Race: Asian

Place of birth: Burū kaigan, Sensoa


Miki was born in a small village near Sensoa's coast. During her childhood she worked as a seamstress for her fathers clothing shop, in 1987 when she turned 18 she joined the Sensoan Air Force as an aircraft mechanic much to her parents disapproval. Her prowess for repairing even the most complex aircraft in the Sensoan fleet allowed her to become a crew chief at a very young age, possibly one of the youngest in the Sensoan Air Force. In 1991 she received an honorable discharge from the Air Force and was sent back into the civilian world. Miki was seen as a perfectionist by her fellow mechanics, so well skilled that she was able to keep even the most decrepit aircraft flying despite having limited tools and spare parts to work with. Miki had a hard time finding a job in the civilian world where her skills could be of use so she applied as a private contractor to the Royal Athari Air Force. When she arrived in Athar she was greeted with the sight of brand new fighters and all the tools and parts needed to keep the aircraft running. In 1993 her skills would be tested when the Athar-Esknar border conflict began. As the war went on she would meet a former Kesalian pilot by the name of Leon "Ronin" Fletcher who would go on to hire her as his personal mechanic to keep his aircraft in tip top shape.


Miki while considered a perfectionist is a rather shy person. She will work well under pressure but when it comes to meeting new people she has a tendency to get a bit nervous. 
G-Forces of War OC: Miki Okamura
Welp here is a bio for an OC to be featured in a future project :)
Name: Leon Fletcher

Callsign: Ronin

Age: (29 before the events of GFoW:S) 53

Date of birth: March 21st 1964

Gender: Male

Rank: Colonel

Race: Caucasian

Place of birth: Paradiso, Kesalia (now residing in Sensoa)


Leon was just a young pilot who enjoyed flying around in his Cessna 172. When he graduated high school he joined the Kesalian Air Force Academy at age 20. He passed the AVB (Aviation Test Battery) and was given a pilots slot flying the F-4E Phantom II upon graduation. He was soon assigned to a frontline squadron lead by a well known pilot, he saw his first slice of action during the Kesalian-Esknarian border dispute in 1980's where he shot down three Esknarian MiG-21's encroaching on Kesalian territory. in 1989 he left the air force after five years of service achieving the rank of Captain. When trying to adapt back to the civilian life he found it to be a difficult endeavor but he managed. In 1993 Leon headed to Ethar after obtaining information on a war between the small nation and its more powerful neighbor Esknar. Twenty-Four years later when the Supercontinental War broke out he would once again answer the call but this time for a mission of much greater scale than he has faced before. In 2017 as the war neared its climax he met the leading pilots of the Boomslang Squadron. Anthony "Voodoo" Cleroux, Kimberly "Kimmy" Meitzen and Juan Garcia "Razyr" Stutz. The Boomslang's agreed to help Leon and his fellow pilot and friend Dmitri flush out the remaining Ruvanian forces in an attempt to help free Sensoa from its oppressors and fulfill their contract in return for Leon and his comrades assistance in the final showdown against Ruvania and Oscar Diederich....

Leon's birds:
Leon flew the F-4E and F-14D early in his career

Leon flies an SU-30MKS given to him by the Sensoan Rebellion
GFoW: S OC Leon Fletcher
A bio adapted from an unfinished and previous G-forces of war story :) 

Preview image found here:…
June 6th 1993
An alarm rang throughout the base and a frantic voice appeared on the intercom.

"Alert alert all pilots scramble! Twenty Esknarian fighters are entering our airspace!"

Ronin ran to his F-14D and with the engines already started by the ground crew taxied to the the runway.

"Tower this is Ronin, requesting immediate departure."

"Roger roger Ronin you are cleared for takeoff!"

"Roger that, Ronin." 

Ronin threw the engines into full power and his fighter rocketed down the runway to takeoff speed. "Ronin is airborne."

"This is ground control, flight of eight Esknarian SU-27's headed your way. They'll be on your nose in about ten minutes, you are cleared to engage!"

"Roger that control." He locked onto two of the lead targets and fired two AIM-120's "Fox Three!" Both targets were splashed while the remaining fighters broke formation and entered the defensive

"Zanbur 1 and 2 have been hit!!" shouted one of the enemy pilots

Ronin and the remaining enemy fighters soon hit the merge. He pulled the stick to his gut and the F-14 pulled a hard left turn to get his nose on the targets. Ronin activiated his VTAS (Visual Target Acquisition System) and switched to the AIM-9M's. 

"Alright you bastards, let's rock!" Ronin said as he lined up a shot and fired at another Flanker. The enemy pilot jinked and dodged the missile, considering the maneuverability of the enemy fighter Ronin used a tactic that went against the safety regulations he had to follow when in the navy. He switched the wing sweep to manual mode and swept them to the proper angle to increase maneuverability. "guns guns guns!" Ronin shouted as he fired a short burst of 20mm into the enemy. The SU-27 caught fire and the enemy pilot ejected.

"WHOO Excellent job on those Flanker's! We're sending four JA-37's your way to help out, hang tight Ronin!"

When the Viggen's arrived on station the remaining Flanker's shifted their focus to them...except for one pilot who was hellbent on shooting Ronin down. The enemy pilot fired a short burst of his Cannon in front of Ronin's canopy. Ronin dropped altitude and headed for the canyons. He pushed his Tomcat to the limit while dodging rock formations and the canyon walls with an SU-27 still hot on his tail "Damn this guy's good" Ronin said to himself. 

Ronin then pulled the stick to his gut and gained altitude to try and shake the enemy, it was no use and he was left with no other choice. He deployed the airbrakes, manually swept the wings to the unswept position and applied asymmetric thrust causing a severe yaw effect. With this move the enemy overshot him and Ronin had now become the hunter, since he was too close for Sidewinders he switched to the 20mm and fired a long burst of PGU-28 at the target as it began to climb. The rounds stuck home and ripped the enemy plane apart.

"This is Ronin, I've splashed another bandit...requesting status."

"Control to Ronin, picture is clear! You are cleared to RTB."

"Roger that....Ronin out." He replied


Part 2:

Ronin touched down at the airbase and taxied to the hangar, he then shut down the engines and removed his harness before exiting the cockpit. 

"Glad to have you back in one piece Ronnie. Go take a shower and get some rest, i'll take care of your bird." His female mechanic said with a smile. 

Ronin nodded and replied with a chuckle "Since when was Ronnie my callsign?"

"It just seemed fitting" His mechanic said with a laugh, followed by a warm smile.

Ronin smiled back and began walking to the barracks. After a quick shower he walked into his room and sat in front of his desk and began to just let his thoughts flow.

"That Esknarian pilot was good...perhaps too damn good, i'm actually beginning to doubt whether or not that pilot was Esknarian..because he flew like a Ruvanian...hell maybe he was even Kesalian like me. Eh oh well i'm not gonna dwell on it, it's time to relax anyway". He thought to himself as he stood up from his desk to go lay down on his bed.

NOTE: This is simply a one shot story taking place in the same universe as G-Forces of War: Supercontinental, this does not relate to the events taking place in the current story, although this might be subject to change if I feel that this can potentially become yet another story in the series. I also have no proper name for the pilot as this was a heat of the moment idea but Ronin did seem like a fitting callsign me thinks, since this is a mercenary pilot in this little one shot :XD: please enjoy :)

Authors note:
 Yes I do know that the F-14 never used the AIM-120 operationally, but of course it was one of the first aircraft to fire it and since this is fiction. I decided to give the F-14 AMRAAM capability along with the VTAS mentioned earlier in the chapter which was tested on F-14's and F-15's back in the 70's. 

Preview image found here:…

December 6th 2017 0900 Hours (9:00AM)

"Juan...this is it. It looks like this war will be over soon...over two years of my life gone but for the better I hope." Anthony said with a light smile.

"Yeah, man...all our efforts will worth the lives we saved..." Juan replied

"True that my man...." Anthony said

"Likewise my friend..." Juan replied with a smile

Anthony shook Juan's hand and walked to the hangar to inspect his newly arrived bird.

"Well here she is kiddo! Ain't she pretty?" James asked while leaning next to a brand-new F-22.

"Damn she sure is. What software block is she running?"

"A new one, called increment 5.0....apparently she is one out of twenty planes currently fitted with it. I guess Armistead wants to see how this new upgrade does in the heat of battle. Anyway let me leave you two alone so you can get to know each other." James said, speaking as if the F-22 was a sentient being.

Anthony walked around the plane caressing the nose and inspecting every nut and bolt.

"If we work together we can help end this war." Anthony said to the plane.

"I look forward to work along with you, Captain.", a female voice could be heard from the cockpit area.

"What the hell!", Anthony jumped back. "Who's this?!"

"I'm the digital intelligence of the F-22 Block Increment 5.0, serial number 33749586, airframe number 0375, designed to increase efficiency and survivability on the battlefield.", the voice said.

0930 (9:30AM)
The pilots all gathered in the briefing room and took their seats to prepare for their operation within a few minutes General Celuchu walked up to the podium and began the briefing.

"Time is not on our side so I will do my best to keep this short. As you know, about a week ago, Nosey has uncovered the location of a Ruvanian bunker deep within Ruvanian territory. This bunker supposedly houses Oscar Diederich's closest associates within the Ruvanian armed forces. It's quite obvious that it'll be heavily defended from land and air. Because of this, the Boomslang will be equipped with stealth aircraft and escort the B-2 bombers carrying surface piercing ordinance. Nosey's recon operations state that there are heavy anti air defenses stationed in the region AND most importantly there appears to be a small airbase located within the mountain passes for launching alert fighters in the area. The types are rumored to be a mix of J-20's and T-50's not your typical run of the mill Flanker variants, hence the need for stealth aircraft to help level the playing field. Mr. Ebinger, care to add anything?" Celuchu said

"Considering the magnitude of this operation the enemy will be using absolutely everything they have to defend their final stronghold, including the Triton and those new super fighters. I advise that all pilots remain far more alert than usual for this sortie. Launch time is at 18:00 Hours." Nathan added.

The briefing had ended and the pilots cleared the room to have a meal and prepare for the operation. Anthony and Juan were the last ones to leave as Anthony was feeling a bit nervous.

"Juan...for some reason i'm a bit creeped out by that Raptor...I mean the plane spoke to me as if it were alive." Anthony said nervously

"Well, that's normal, the R-2E also spoke to me.", Juan said, cheerfully. 

"I guess it'll take some getting used to...but instead of her serial number I think i'm going to give her a proper name...Eva comes to mind, named after my old car a 1970 Porsche 911 and of course my grandmother."

"I don't remember giving the R-2E a name, got it." *chuckles*

"Anyway i'm starving! How's about we go have something to eat with the girls and some of the crew?"

"Count me in!", Juan added.

10:00 Hours (10:00AM)

Juan and Anthony arrived in mess hall to meet with Kim and Izumi and got in line to get some chow.

"What's the menu today?" Juan asked

"Omelette with whatever you want in it or Esknarian Shawarma." the cook replied.

"I'll go with a Shawarma!", Juan smiled

"Make that two please!" Anthony chuckled.

The two pilots received their food and made their way to the table where Izumi and Kim were sitting but were soon stopped by an allied pilot.

"Look at this, The Boomslang's have festooned us with their presence! We are honored to be assisting you pilots in this mission and we owe you our lives for helping us take back our beautiful country." said a Sensoan pilot

"Not a problem, gentlemen!", Juan gave away a thumbs up

"The honor is all ours my friend." Anthony added.

Anthony and Juan continued to the table and were finally greeted by Kim and Izumi.

"Anthony!! Glad you and Juan finally made we can have I guess a simple double date." Kim said teasingly.

"I'm glad too Kimmy...That briefing was a bit on the short side though, then again the mission is obvious." Anthony replied

"Izumi...I've been thinking...if I'm getting the bird I think I'll get...I want you to come with me as a RIO.", Juan said while eating.

"S-sure...", she blushed quite a bit.

Soon it was time to leave the mess hall and head out to the hangars . Anthony and Kim walked to further inspect their new aircraft, leaving Juan and Izumi alone to talk.

"Listen...I know your group is getting the new Prosperian jet, the Valhalla...Mr. Ebinger told me about it. Quite a nice bird, but...I'd like you to become my RIO...not just for this mission, but from now on..." 

"Juan, I love you and I want to stay forever by your side, but I don't know if our superiors will approve this...", Izumi said, a bit sad. 

"I'll talk to the General! Besides...I feel...more confident, having you flying along with me...not as my wingman, but as my co-pilot." 

"Oh, dear...", she chuckled, a tear dropping from her face. 

"Even though we've only known each other for such a short time, it's like we've met many many years ago..." 

"I know.", he caressed her cheek and was about to kiss her when... 

"Yo, Lieutenant! Your bird's here!", Elson interrupted the two as he arrived rushing. 

"Dammit.", he whispered to her, she giggled a bit. 

"Yo, Elson. Where is she?" 

"In hangar 9! Follow me!" Juan and Izumi followed Elson to the hangar. When he opened the gates... 

"Oh my God!"

Chapter 23: R U Ready?
Finally after a few months of personal commitments and general laziness the new chapter is done :XD: 

Story and OC's copyright of :icontodesengel18: & :iconroddy1990:
After the great war of Pangea ended in 1944. The island nation of Sensoa was invaded by the People's Union of Ruvania. Angered by this  the surviving members of the Sensoan military declared war against the Ruvanian invaders. The Sensoan forces still had a fair amount of aircraft and weapons remaining in combat effective condition but were unfortunately outnumbered. To remedy this issue mercenary pilots were hired from nations around the continent to fight the Ruvanian invaders. Former axis and allied pilots and mechanics alike joined the cause to fight what they considered a common enemy and some just for profit. In the world of mercenary aviators there are no limitations or rules, just survival....
G-Forces of war: Legends synopsis
This will take place before the events of the current project. This is basically Pangea's WWII, I will put this project into full swing once the current one is done :) 
G-Forces of War Supercontinental was a project me and my very good friend :iconroddy1990: have been doing together...check out the chapters in my gallery and the ones he has posted in his gallery for your enjoyment. Anyway I have attempted many times before to make a WWII style story as I am a big fan of WWII fighters BUT it proved to be a bit difficult until I decided to make a fictional world based off of Pangea (if the continents never broke apart to form earth as we all see it today) anyway the new universe which the G-Forces of War reboots are based on had their version of WWII. Of course the outcome was a bit different, I have already submitted an OC bio but that's about as far as i'll go since the current project is nearing completion and I will be focusing on it until it's completed :D 


United States

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