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A gallery with various photos of planes and cars. I also write original fiction as a writing exercise so they will also appear on here, please enjoy :)



Name: Dion Barcetti

Callsign: T-Bone

Nationality: Italian/American

Age: 34

Date of birth: November 21st 1981

Rank: Specialist

Place of birth: New York City

Race: Caucasian


Dion was born and raised in the Bronx, he spent a lot of his youth either fighting to defend himself or working dead end jobs to help keep food on the table, his father had trouble holding a job and his mother was unable to work due to her illness. In order to better provide for his family Dion joined the US Military and was able to move his family with him into on base housing. During his time in the service he achieved the rank of Specialist and tried out for Special Forces, despite being washed out twice he refused to give up and soon joined Delta Force. His first operation took him to Afghanistan where he met and befriended fellow operative Marcus Lambert, they fought together through Iraq and Afghanistan and became close friends as time went by despite their differences. Dion was involved with Marcus in the mission to extract four rebel fighters from Libya in March of 2016. Following the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the realization that he and the others were in fact in another world, he agreed to help the Kanmusu's in their war against the Abyssal forces. 


Dion is the exact opposite of Marcus' laid back and relaxed personality, at times he's a bit of a loud mouth and a wise ass but in battle he's serious about getting the job done and making sure that his comrades come back alive, sometimes even being the last to board the helicopter during extraction in order to make sure that everyone is accounted for.

Weapons list:

M4A1 Carbine with ACOG scope

Colt M1911A1

Short Barrel M870
Warship Struggle OC: Dion Barcetti
Another bio for another supporting character in Warship Struggle :D

Warship Struggle © :iconroddy1990: & :icontodesengel18:
Name: Marcus Lambert

Callsign: Gator

Nationality: American

Age: 35

Date of birth: October 31st 1980

Rank: Sergeant

Place of birth: Birmingham, Alabama

Race: Caucasian


Marcus enlisted in the US Army at age 18 shortly after graduating highschool, not to follow in his fathers footsteps but to escape his home life, after spending some of his military career stateside he was soon sent to Afghanistan. In Afghanistan he proved his skills on the battlefield and eventually made it into Delta Force at the age of 25. In the ten years he spent in Delta Force he soon met his soon to be best friend Dion Barcetti. On March 16th 2016 Marcus and Dion took part in the mission to extract Roland Chambers and Herbert Valdez and bring them back to the USS Indianapolis along with the Nazari siblings. A week into the voyage the Indianapolis encountered a strange vortex as it was sailing through the Bermuda triangle and soon came under attack from a different type of enemy vessel, the ship was heavily damaged and sinking quickly. Marcus and the few remaining survivors were able to commandeer some ex 160th SOAR and USMC helicopters to escape to a nearby island. When he and the others landed they realized that they were in a whole other world...


Marcus is a tough and dedicated warrior who will go above and beyond to complete the objectives he is given. He also shows respect to soldiers who are less skilled than he is a good example being when he witnessed Roland Chambers and Herbert Valdez pull an extreme maneuver with Spades to invade incoming fire from an Abyssal ship. He is also a capable tactician and capable of maintaining a cool head in the heat of battle thanks to his Special Forces training.

Weapons List:


Colt Python

FIM-92 Stinger (depends on the mission)

Warship Struggle OC: Marcus Lambert
Yet another bio for Warship Struggle! This time featuring one of the supporting characters.

Story © :iconroddy1990: & :icontodesengel18

Image found here:…
Roland headed into the rec room and grabbed a microphone. 

"H-hey i'll be singing a I look for the right girl I guess you could say i'm just a wanderer." Roland said before Marcus and Dion showed up with a saxophone and guitar (if you know this song you'll get the Dion reference :XD: and this isn't really cannon to the story Warship Struggle that me and my buddy :iconroddy1990: are writing..just did it for the laughs :D )

Roland cleared his throat and the instruments started to play

"Oh well, I'm the type of guy who will never settle down
Where pretty girls are well, you know that I'm around
I kiss 'em and I love 'em 'cause to me they're all the same
I hug 'em and I squeeze 'em they don't even know my name

They call me the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Oh well, there's Atago on my left and there's Haruna on my right
And Mutsu is the girl with that I'll be with tonight
And when she asks me, which one I love the best?
I tear open my shirt I got Musashi on my chest

'Cause I'm the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Oh well, I roam from base to base
I go through life without a care
And I'm as happy as a clown
I with my two fists of iron and I'm going nowhere

I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place, I roam from base to base And when I find myself fallin' for some girl
I hop right into that Blackhawk of mine and fly around the world

Yeah I'm the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Oh yeah, I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place, I roam from base to base
And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl
I hop right into that Blackhawk of mine and fly around the world

Yeah, 'cause I'm a wanderer
Yeah, a wanderer
I roam around, around, around

'Cause I'm a wanderer
Yeah, a wanderer
I roam around, around, around

'Cause I'm a wanderer
Yeah, a wanderer"

Original song :XD:

Roland "Mamushi" Chambers' MH-60 is a heavily modified Blackhawk based off of the armed DAP (Direct Action Penetrator) used by US Special Operations. Roland's helicopter know as the "Ace of Spades" or "Spades" for short was acquired shortly after the beginning of the Kanmusu-Abyssal conflict to be used for close air support and search and rescue operations. The helicopter features more powerful engines for improved speed and response. Spades like most attack helicopters is more than capable of doing a loop or barrel roll which has come in handy on one very serious occasion. Thanks to the addition of an auxiliary fuel tank the helicopter can also remain on station much longer than dedicated attack helicopters like the Apache or Cobra. The helicopter is also nicknamed the Osoi Taka (Slow Hawk) by someone who underestimates its speed. Spades has also proven to be capable of holding its own against the Kanmusu fighters during a friendly mock dogfight.

: 1-4 (depending on mission)

Length: 64.10 ft (17.1m)

Rotor Diameter: 
53 ft 8 in (14.1 m)

16 ft 8 in (5.1 m)

Empty weight:
 16,000 lb (7,260 kg)

Max. takeoff weight:
 24,000 lb (9,900 kg)

Two GE T700 Turboshaft engines (tuned to 2000shp each)

Service ceiling: 19,000 ft (5,790 m)

Various weapons such as the M230 Chaingun, AGM-114 Hellfire, AIM-92 Stinger and Hydra 70 rockets mounted on two detachable stub wing hardpoints and two door mounted GAU-19 12.7mm mini guns controlled by the pilot or door gunner (depending on mission)

Range: 700mi (1,126 km) essentially unlimited if a tanker is available due to the IFR probe

Maximum safe speed: 243 knots (280 mph, 450 km/h)

Cruise speed: 186kt (215 mph, 294 km/h

Onboard systems

INS/GPS/Doppler navigation

SATCOM satellite communications

Secure/anti-jam communications

LARS (Lightweight Airborne Recovery System) range/steering radio to compatible survivor radios

Automatic flight control

NVG night vision goggle lighting

FLIR forward looking infra-red radar

Color weather radar

Engine/rotor blade anti-ice system

Retractable In-flight refueling probe

Integral rescue hoist

RWR combat enhancement

IR infra-red jamming unit

flare/chaff countermeasure dispensing system

Speaker system for music and group/shipgirl morale (custom installed by Roland as per Herbert's request)


AN/APQ-187(V2) SilentKiller Multimode Radar
housed in the nose, this radar retains the terrain-following (TF) and terrain-avoiding (TA) capabilities of the SilentKnight but has been modified by Yuubari during Spades' rebuild to also function as a Fire Control Radar (FCR) for more effective use of weapons in adverse weather conditions or from longer ranges. 

AN/ZSQ-2 EOSS - a sensors package positioned in a turret under the MH-60M's chin that houses electro-optical (EO) and infrared (FLIR) cameras. Includes a laser target designator for Spade's laser guided Hydra 70 rockets. The EOSS system can rotate 360° azimuth and 180° elevation, so for all intents and purposes, Spades can fly over a target and the system track it the whole time.
MH-60 DAP Aircraft profile
Another aircraft profile this time unrelated to G-forces of War.

Added a small section showing some of Spades' on board sensors.

image found here :)…

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March 16th, 2016 (Five years later) 09:00 (9:00AM)

"Super 6-7 here, we have made it to the target location, the Spooks (CIA operatives) have been dropped, remember kids we need these four alive, do not kill them."

"Roger that...moving in on the house."

The group were resting in their outpost after yet another mission...even after Gaddafi's fall five years earlier they were not done yet, suddenly Aida heard a metallic clang on the floor

"FLASHBANG!!" She roared, the grenade went off blinding them all

"Control! We have ID'd the package, one Roland Chambers,One Herbert Valdez and the Nazari siblings. Bringing them in, have the extraction chopper ready."

"Ah man what the hell??" Roland asked while blinded

"You four are in some serious shut up." One of the operatives said

An MH-60M DAP soon landed with an MH-47G to pick the operatives up along with Roland,Herbert and the Nazari siblings.

"Herbert do you know what this helicopter is?? It's an MH-60 DAP!!! Used exclusively by the Nightstalker' cool is this??" Roland said barely containing his excitement

"Oh my god!! There's an MH-47G out there too...I'm in nightstalker heaven!!"

"Alright man, quit with your fanboying. I don't care if they're the 160th SOAR, but I have the right to know where we're being taken!", Herbert complained.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Shouted one of the operatives.

"Alright quit fighting back there..goddamn. You're being taken back to the USS Indianapolis, we were tasked with finding you two and of course your two friends as well. You're all going to be placed aboard the Indy and sent back to the states." The Nightstalker pilot said

"Hell no man...I can't go back home, my parents are going to have my ass and on top of that me and my dad aren't exactly the best of pals." Roland replied

"Why's that? We're old and bold enough to deal with our own decisions!"

"You're considered runaways, plus it's rare when the US military is called in to handle a missing persons report...Plus you two are lucky to not be considered terrorists..this is for your own good."

"TERRORISTS? WHY THE FUCK! We've been fighting those putos for years now, ever since Gaddafi's fall!"

"Look look...maybe we can strike a deal with you guys. Me and my buddy here are chopper pilots...sure we may not have proper pilots licenses but we have five years worth of combat and flying experience." Roland suggested 

"NOPE no can guys are not US military nor are you properly please let us do our jobs." The pilot declined

"We shot down a Hind with a motherfuckin' HUEY, first ones, from Vietnam!"

"Keyword HIND my friend.." Roland added

"...fuck. Last question: why are you taking the Nazari's as well?"

"The female was close to Gaddafi and her brother was also of a high rank in the military, they can be useful. I can guarantee your safety but chances are they will be questioned and sent back to Libya."

"Then why the hell taking them back to US with us if they can be questioned right here!"

"I'm not at liberty to say...I've already said too much as well. All I will say is that I cannot guarantee their fates." The pilot responded with a sigh

"...shit. Aida, Amir...really sorry for this. Damn pricks these black-clothed fools!" Herbert said to himself, bowing his head.

"Look..I know how much you two care about them...i'm going to see if I can talk with my command, see if I can get you four to have the same quarters on the Indy so you can all spend some time together before returning back home...after that my hands are tied and I can't do much more."

"...then I take back the 'prick, black-clothed fool' part about you...the same still applies to the others, though."

"Buddy i'm a Nightstalker, what the CIA does is their business...I personally dislike the stuff that they do but I fly where they tell me to fly."

13:00 Hours (1:00PM)

"Super 6-7 to USS Indianapolis, on final approach and requesting permission to land." 

"Super 6-7 you are cleared to land, welcome back." 

The MH-60 and MH-47 both touched down on the massive deck of the USS Indianapolis as she sailed off the Libyan coast. Roland and Herbert exited the MH-60 and the Nazari siblings exited the MH-47, Aida running to hug both Roland and Herbert.

"Holy shit, I can't believe we're aboard the world's most advanced warship!", Herbert said in excitement. "The USS Indianapolis is the most badass ship ever made. Sure, aircraft carriers may pack more punch because of their planes, but this girl here is nearly as powerful as a whole fleet of modern ships! This baby has the highest level of automation too: the minimum crew required is only 80 personnel. That's less than a Zumwalt-class guided missile destroyer! And...she's the very first vehicle with a proper functional nuclear fusion reactor!", He explained with the same shining eyes of a young boy visiting a candy store.

"Damn she's even bigger than I thought! The pictures fail to do her justice." Roland replied

"So that explains why this ship is so densely populated." Aida added while a bit nervous

"Despite its size, it's 80 personnel, even less than the USS Zumwalt missile guided destroyer!"

"Impressive...very impressive." Amir said

"Everything's gonna be alright, my friends...fingers crossed!" Herbert replied 

"Alright kids move along, your quarters are nearby." Said a sailor motioning for the group to follow him The group arrived at their quarters, a bit nicer than they expected for enlisted crew quarters 

"Well look at this, we each have our own a bunks and a small sitting area, better than what I expected *chuckle*" Roland said 

"Yeah...I suppose." Aida replied nervously 

"Try to relax Aida, we're gonna be alright." Amir added

"They're probably curious about the way we dealt with Gaddafi and those terrorists.." Herbert said

"Good day, I'm CIA Special Agent you know why you four are here?"

"Dear sir, mind getting straight to business?", Herbert asked.

"Guess you kids don't like small talk, alright let's get down to business. Five years ago you two. Roland Chambers and Herbert Valdez traveled to Libya to help the rebels fight Gaddafi's regime, you both were successful. NOW after the Civil war had ended you and the Nazari siblings continued mopping up the remnants of his forces. In 2015 you also encountered some of the terrorist organizations our boys are fighting in Afghanistan, this painted a massive target on your backs as well. What i'm offering the four of you is a way out, I can guarantee the Nazari siblings political asylum but that's all I can offer." The agent replied

"You two..will be separated from your friends here and placed into hiding. Best to say your goodbyes now."

"What!? Me and Herbert fought beside these two for five years, we can't just up and leave them!" Roland replied

"Well...they're not your problem anyway...go into hiding, run the risk of getting killed or captured that's your choice. I have things to do now so make a decision." The agent said

"Right on..i'm not leaving my friends behind, you can take your offer and shove it where the sun don't shine."

"Suit little shits." The agent replied before leaving the room

"Better being a little shit than a dense bastard...Mr. Danse Dense."

"CIA agents think they own the world...", Herbert replied, sighing.

"They basically operate from the damn shadows..who knows what they really do." Roland said

"I ain't joining their game!"

"Neither are we, we're not leaving you behind either." Aida and Amir replied together The four then left the room and headed back to their quarters.

March 28th, 2016 1100 Hours (11:00AM) 12 days later

"Five years of combat...It was worth it though because we made some awesome friends, lookin' at you Amir and Aida. But of course when we do make it back to the US are parents are probably going to kill us." Roland said as he balanced his phone on his finger.

"If we die when we return, it would've been worth it. I've learned more in these 4 years than my entire life. Not just war, combat, military...but values and such.", Herbert sighed.

"You're right man...we also did some good, such as toppling an oppressive leader but unfortunately the war still rages on over there.." Roland replied

"You guys didn't just do some good, you did a lot of good for Libya. Don't blame yourselves for the political fumbles that went on...." Aida added

"If only war itself wasn't necessary...I mean, it shouldn't be...and when I think about it, it often starts because someone's it a single individual who's powerful enough to affect the lives of millions...or the people themselves, with their attitude."

"Very true, it's all for money or the protection of interests, let me inform you of why I defected to the Free Libyan Army...During a routine flight I received an order from my commander. I was told to mow down protesters with the gun and rockets on my MI-24. My gunner was shocked to hear such orders, instead of acting on the orders given we defected. Unfortunately Ahmed is no longer with us because he was killed when his MI-8 was shot down. In short I wanted to fight for the future of my people...not murder them in cold blood on the orders of a tyrant such as Gaddafi." Amir replied

"You did the right thing. You, Aida...all of us...we're no longer soldiers...we're warriors. Soldiers follow their orders; warriors follow their hearts. Our actions are no longer defined just by the information we receive, but also the morality of what we must do and the effects it'll have. I'll be honest with you, man: I think I've changed my way of dealing with war and combat...I'm no longer aiming to kill an enemy, but rather disable it. I've seen way too many combatants using the war and 'protect the people' excuses to do atrocities...using such reasons as bargaining chip to justify their cruelty. I don't follow that; at least, not anymore...", Herbert said.

"I've learned a lot as well...if I see an enemy running away, I will not shoot them...I see it as pure cowardice, if an enemy is unarmed, I will not harm them.", Roland added.

"Exactly! That's what most people fail to understand...they say you act to protect your people and that the enemy, the others...are evil. But goddamn it, they're humans too, they fight to protect their people as well! Obviously there are those who just seek harming for the sake of harming, but isn't that the same with some individuals on our side? They say we're good and they're bad, and yet...many times, we act just like them!", Herbert continued.

"The reason I took part in this whole Civil War was to help others, when I saw these rebels lynching Gaddafi...I actually felt bad for the guy..he was an evil son of a bitch but still.." Roland added

"Made you feel like they shared the same vision, didn't it? Like they were actually followers of his tyrany...not better than him, but just like him.", Herbert asked.

"That's exactly how I felt...Torturing an unarmed combatant is just sickening."

"Yeah...but thinking on the bright least we learned how to fly a chopper! Who would've thought that we'd end up more like Army personnel than Navy ones!", Herbert commented.

"And to think that you and I were just NJROTC cadets with no experience whatsoever...!! Basically just high school students and glorified boy scouts.", Roland said with a chuckle.

"Yessir! It's still amazing how we managed to survive...guess we had Miss Luck on our side all along...maybe she's in love with one of us?", Herbert laughed.

"You guys had to have been the luckiest bastards i've ever met." Aida replied

" guys seemed like naturals behind the controls of a chopper as well!" Amir added

"That's good...I thought I was gonna get us killed when I took off for the first time!", Herbert replied.

Before Roland could reply, an alarm sounded.

"All crew members, we're experiencing unknown issues with our radar and sonar, man your stations and remain on high alert!", The captain said over the PA system.

"Oh boy...right during our return...shit.", Herbert let out a mumble.

"Herbert let's head to the bridge and see if we can speak with the Captain, maybe we can help."

"Don't leave us hanging" Amir replied as him and Aida got up from their bunks.

"Si, señor...", He got up as well and followed Roland.

"Captain! Me and my friends are here to help, let us know where you need us!" Roland said when saluting the Captain

"Get back to your quarters civilians, you're all more of a liability than a benefit..." The Captain replied while shooing them away

"But sir we have the capability to help, please give us a chance!" Roland pleaded

"I said get back to your quarters! Do you want you and your little squad to end up in the brig?!"

"Listen, sir...we may not-LET GO OF ME, PENDEJO!", Herbert shouted while trying to break free from the sailors' grip. "We may not be affiliated with the US Military, but we fought 5 goddamn years in Libya's civil war, both against Gaddafi himself and then a bunch of terorrists! Don't talk as if we're inexperienced just because we're "civilians".", He let out.

"That's enough! Sailors, take these four back to their place!", The capitan gave the ultimatum.

The sailors grabbed all four and locked them in their quarters. A minute later, the alarm sounded again, but this time in a different manner: it was as if it had gone crazy, experiencing some kind of short-circuit. And then...a blackout!

"Holy crap! The lights just went out! Last I checked, the Indy was launched what, less than a year ago? This should NOT be happening on a brand-new, multi-billion-dollar warship that is also the US Navy's pride...", Roland said while turning on his phone's camera flash, but it also died, mere seconds later. "Ah, dammit...100% battery and this piece of junk dies now? Brand new phone, man..."

"Wait a minute...something's happening outside.", Herbert points to the window. "I didn't know the sky could"

"And we're nowhere near the arctic circle, so this is definitely NOT an Aurora Borealis!", Roland replied.

"Wait a second...I heard some personnel saying we're near Florida...we may be near the infamous...Bermuda Triangle!!", Herbert replied.

"...My God, and to think that people thought the stories of this place were hogwash!", Aida added.

"I told you, didn't I? I always said it!", Herbert shook Roland's shoulders. "That shit's real!"

" sure as hell were not joking.", Roland replied with a shocked expression.

Herbert tried to take a closer look through the window, which had bars to prevent a prisoner from escaping.

"Look!! The horizon line...!!!", Herbert points to the sea, eyes wide open. "It's gone!"

One after another, they checked through the small window.

"Jesus Christ...", Roland added.

"What are we going to do?!", Amir asked.

"I guess it's fairly obvious that whatever's happening is also affecting everything electronic, which explains the radar/sonar issues, the blackout and your phone dying. And since there's no power, it's likely that the electronic door lock is also disabled, so I suggest we get the hell outta here...and be ready for anything!", Herbert said.

"Roger that.", Amir replied. He then pushed the door and it opened. "It worked, the door's open...let's keep it quiet and find a way off of this tub.", He said while leading the group.

Taking advantage of the ship's reduced crew, they moved toward the external area, only to see something even weirder than the green sky without horizon lines... "What the fuck is this!", Amir said.

"What the fuck is this!", Amir said.

They couldn't believe in what was before them: it was some kind of energy vortex, looking like a massive tunnel...and the ship was being pulled straight to it. Distortions in the "walls" made it look like it was bending space and time themselves!

"After all the science fiction books I read when I was a kid, I'd risk my chances of saying this might be...a portal!", Herbert said.

"What kind?", Aida asked.

"You mean..."

"...interdimensional.", He replied with a serious tone. "We may be dragged to another dimension...and who knows what we'll find there..."

"Man the more I look around the weirder shit gets." Roland said

The "tunnel" seemed endless and as they were going through it, things got even crazier: lightnings that seemed to hit the walls and then the water, thunder, the sound of very powerful electric fields, as if thousands, millions of amps and volts were surrounding them. This went on for some 15-20 minutes until the tunnel slowly started to dissipate, in the same unexplainable manner it appeared before them.

11:42 Hours (11:42AM)

"It's over.", Herbert commented. Before he could say anything else, a dense fog now appeared out of nowhere, they could barely see 2-3 yards forward. Then they heard when the ship's electronic systems came back online, engines started working again, lights were on, and even Roland's phone was functional again, though without signal.

"Dude...that was some crazy shit.", Roland replied.

"Tell me about fiction turning into reality is new to least in this way!", Herbert said.

*Alarm suddenly goes off*


"Shit. Should we get back there?", Herbert asked Roland.

"I think we should, Herbert...if they accept our help this time, we'll help them; if not, then we find a way off this ship.", Roland replied.

"We're right behind you.", Amir and Aida added.

The four headed to the ship's bridge again; this time, reception was different...

"Hey captain! Did ya miss us? It looks like after your little power outage that you might need our help. Whatsay you, good sir?", Roland asked, jokingly.

"Fuck it! If you think you have what it takes, man the weapon systems and prepare to engage the target if it's confirmed hostile!", The Captain barked.

"Aye aye, captain!", Herbert rushed to the weapons' control room.

"Wait, sir! The radar isn't picking them up! Could they be stealth?", the radar operative asked.

"Explain!", The captain talked to the sonar officer.

"It may be, but it's strange, sir...stealth ships not only seek to reduce visibility to radars, but also sonars, so they tend to be as silent as possible...these vessels sound like old WW2 warships, steam/boiler drive and such! I have no idea why the radar isn't locating them...", the sonar officer explained. "And they're at about 2,000 yards!"

"Sir! We could use the MH-6 Littlebird on the flight deck for recon, it's ready for deployment!", Shouted one of the Night Stalkers in the room.

"Very well...send one of them, immediately!"

"Yessir!", The Night Stalker replied before rushing to the flight deck.

"WW2 ships? Let'em try...they'll never sink this Indianapolis! She's the most POWERFUL and advanced ship on the planet, the pride of the US Navy!", The captain said with a smug expression.

The fog slowly faded away and they could get a better view on what was waiting for them...

"WHAT!", The Captain shouted with the view of DOZENS of WW2-era warships, all heading in their direction, but stranger than this was the presence of humanoid figures with weird-looking features, in the ships' bow. He looked with his binoculars to what appeared to be the group's leader. "It's a WOMAN?!", He said in shock.

"I've never seen ships like these. They resemble old destroyers, cruisers and even battleships, but they're different from anything I know, I can't identify any of them!", A sailor commented. The targets then opened fire on the Indy, missing the shots by a few yards.

"Target is hostile, activating all weapon systems!", Replied a sailor.

"Looks like the fun has just begun.", Herbert said as he ran to the deck.

"Right behind you, let's do this...", Roland replied.

"Alright guys, let's man the GAU-19's on the port side!" Herbert ordered.

The group manned the .50 cal miniguns and opened fire on the targets. The guns seemed to have no effect on the targets.

"KEEP FIRING EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!" Roland shouted, the barrels on his GAU-19 glowing red hot.

"Evasive maneuvers, we won't be sitting ducks for them! Weapons, turn the guns full broadside, let's take'em down! Lock on the lead ship with the sonar and fire 2 torpedoes!", The captain ordered.

"203's loaded, sir! Torpedoes ready as well!", Replied the gunner.

"Fire, fire!"

The 203mm guns fired and failed to leave even a dent on the enemy battleships' hardcore armor. The torpedoes managed to score a hit though, taking out a destroyer. In response, the battleships fired their main guns at the Indy, damaging the superstructure.

"DAMMIT!", The captain slammed the dashboard. "Prepare the Tomahawk's!!"

"Negative, sir! The radar and navigation systems are offline, we can't use the missiles! We'll have to attack them using only our guns and torpedoes!", The radar officer said.

Suddenly a series of massive jolts rocked the entire ship, knocking everyone off their feet as the Indy was hit by enemy depth charges and bombs launched by Abyssal planes; she was taking quite a beating. And to make things worse, a full array of torpedoes were coming their way.

"Evasive maneuvers!", The Captain ordered.

"The rudder's been damaged by the charges, we can't maneuver!", The helmsman said.

"Shit! Everyone, brace for impact!", The Captain said.

"Impact in 5...4...3...2...1...ZERO!", The sonar operator followed.

Some torpedoes missed the Indy, but two of them hit the keel, starboard side. A big explosion followed, shaking the ship violently. The bridge was also affected, with several people hurt and 2 killed. The electronic systems warned of the leaks in the hull, she started taking water fast.


"You four come on!! You boys stated you could fly helicopters, well now's the time to prove yourselves! It's our quickest means of escape meet me at the hangar ASAP!" The soldier said

The group followed the pilot to the hangar where they found the same choppers that had picked them up in Libya over a week ago

"Dion is the Chinook ready?" 

"Yeah Marcus, Cliff and Tanya got her ready for startup. Who are these four by the way?"

"No time to answer questions, we gotta get the Chinook started up ASAP, those four will be taking the MH-60M and the UH-1Y" Marcus replied while entering the Chinook

"Mark that's fucking insane bro!"

"Goddammit Dion we can talk about this when we're ashore now get your ass in the bird the pilots are waiting!" Marcus replied

"Alright alright keep your pants on man..." 

Roland and Herbert then entered the Blackhawk and went through the startup procedure

"Holy shit this thing is makes Jaws look like something out of the stone age...we've got a glass cockpit and everything." Roland commented on the Hawks cockpit layout.

"Alright, commencing engine start...oil pressure good,engines and rotors up to speed. Looks like we're ready to go." 

Both pilots were already inside the Blackhawk and ready for takeoff, then Herbert sees something covered

He remembers hearing some pilots talking about "the stealth helicopter"

Then he tells Roland to go on without him, that he'll get something else for the group

Roland shouts and vain, 

When the ship explodes, he thinks Herbert died, until he finally sees him with the mighty Ghosthawk 

"I told ya I went to get something juicy for our group, didn't I!", Herbert says, full of joy

"Thank god you're alive man, thought I lost you back there. How's your fuel state?" Roland asked

"I got full tanks...thankfully. Guess they were preparing it for a mission when we had to return." Herbert replied

"Now I have a question to ask, where did that chopper come from? I thought that the Ghost Hawk was a myth." Roland said

"Well...since we're in another world I guess I won't lose my job if I tell you guys why...we were going to use that stealth hawk to take down a high value of the leaders of a very well known terrorist organization...the DAP which your friend is flying was going to be used to provide close air support in case all hell broke loose....but of course since that's no longer a factor and we're most likely presumed dead, the choppers are yours free of charge and no strings attached...the Chinook and Viper are available when you need 'em too...My name is Marcus Lambert by the way...Delta Force...well former Delta Force. Lastly we were supposed to be the ones to extract you but sadly the CIA spooks took the job from us." Marcus replied to the group.

"Don't give up just yet, Mr. Lambert. We'll have to find a way and get outta this!", Herbert said.

"And that UH-1Y is a case of finders keepers losers weepers as well...keep that too." The USMC pilot added.

" chopper!" Amir replied

"Good point kid...well let's find a place to set these birds was one hell of a day he replied. No point in staying here, we gotta find a place to land." Marcus replied

"Hey...guys looking at my digital map here I see what looks to be a decent sized island...i'd say about the size of Wake or Truk about 200 miles out...perhaps we can set down over there."  Roland added


18:00 Hours (6:00PM)

After a long flight the helicopters landed at an island known as Truk Lagoon...much to their surprise the island was well developed.

"Look at the state of this place! I don't recall it ever looking like this in the history books when Japan occupied it." Roland said

"I'd be a bit suspicious, heads on a swivel boys.." Marcus replied

"*gasp* YAMATO YAMATO COME HERE!! We have new people!" Shouted a child.

"Oh shit! Our covers blown." Roland said

"Hurry, back to the choppas!" Herbert shouted as he ran back to the Ghost Hawk

"Wait where are you going!?" Shouted another female voice, this time more adult.

"Guys wait a second...let's hear this woman Name is Roland, did I hear you say your name is Yamato? Like the Japanese battleship?"

"Yes exactly! I wanted to welcome you all to my base...Truk, my sister Musashi saw you all approaching in those aircraft."

"Oh man this just gets weirder and weirder...." Roland said

"Please join us today..." She offered.

"Umm Okay thanks a lot ma'am....Herbert, Amir, Aida you want to join them?"

"Hell yes! I'm starving to death here!" Aida said

"Manners Aida..." Amir added as he flicked the back of her head.

"I'm not sure about that...", Herbert says, from within the Ghosthawk's cockpit. "Why the hell are you wearing these clothes that look more like a humanized battleship? And wasn't Japan an enemy of the US back in WW2? Dude let's get the hell outta here!"

"We're a known as Kanmusu or more commonly, shipgirls, we're human just like you, we feel just like you do and we bleed like you do. We are not your enemies, please put aside your differences as we need us you are a wish come true, especially with those super craft of yours." Yamato replied in a serious tone

" what year are we?" Herbert asked while scratching his head

"You're in 2016." 

"...then all that paranoia was for nothing? *facepalms* I feel like an idiot now..." Herbert said with a sigh

" gotta hear people out my friend. It sounds like they might need our help and it's our duty to help them like we helped those in Libya." Amir said

"My mind is spinning like the rotors of a drone..."

"Please join us for lunch. There I will explain the circumstances of our situation." Yamato said

"Come on Herbert..." Roland added

"*stomach growls* Fine...", he got out of the chopper and joined the group. "Did any strange event happen here in the last 3 hours? In the vicinity I mean..." Herbert asked Yamato

"Unfortunately yes...about 200 miles or so from here a few members of our fleet engaged a group of Abyssal's, they should be returning shortly, their field report confirmed the sinking of an unknown vessel, it was sunk by the Abyssal's."

"Could it be...!! But even before"

" began to storm rather bad, one of the members of the Kanmusu also reported a strange vortex as well....some say that the vortex only comes once every thousand years...any more questions?"

"YAMATO! HURRY UP AND GET IN HERE WE'RE STARVING!" Shouted another female voice

"Be patient Tenryuu.." She replied

"That's it!! That's gotta be it! We got sucked in by this vortex, we were returning from Middle East and found a strange atmospheric anomaly near the Bermuda Triangle...and when we got out of it, our ship was immediately attacked by some weird vessels I had never seen before!", He explained. "Very strange, like from another planet or something..."

"Oh my encountered part of the Abyssal fleet! Consider yourselves lucky to be alive..please hurry as I have much more to explain!" She said as she urged them to follow her to the base.

"Yes, ma'am.", Herbert replied. "Just one thing: 2016 and you guys don't have choppers?"

"Chopper? No we do not...we currently operate the A6M Zero and D3A dive bomber..our R&D chief Yuubari is developing a cleaner burning fuel though! Apparently it's said to be compatible with both piston and turbine engines!"

"Oh thank Christ...we can refuel our choppers then." Marcus said to himself.


"Interesting...same year as us...but you don't have this that I think about it, those vessels that attacked us didn't use missiles, only cannons." He added after calming down

The group made their way with Yamato to the mess hall where they were able to finally get something to eat...this was no ordinary mess hall though, it looked like it was fit for a king.

"So these are the people that the destroyers freaked out about...the name's Tenryuu...ya scared?" She said with a smug look

"Scared hardly, hungry yes." Roland replied

"What's with the tough girl atittude, trying to prove something to yourself?", Herbert asked, curious.

"Maybe I do maybe I don't." She replied

"Do we have a problem hair brush?" Aida asked

"Who are you calling a hairbrush?!" She replied angrily

"You, i've never seen a girl with purple hair, now run along kid."

"I'm no destroyer!" Tenryuu said

"TENRYUU leave our guests alone...that's no way to treat them." Said Yamato

"Quite a...unique girl, right there.", Herbert said, scratching his head.

"Oh she sure is...she would make a wonderful wife." Amir replied

Aida then facepalmed.

*Herbert chuckles a bit* To each his own, I guess.

Soon the the food had arrived and everyone was seated to eat.

"Oh man it's great to get some food in us...never seen food like this before though." Amir said

"It's Japanese buddy." Roland replied

"It's amazing!" Aida added with her mouth full.

"We can tell!" Amir said

"Hey Herbert...I think I decided on a name to Christen the MH-60...The Ace of Spades or Spades for short, what do you think?" Roland said before taking a sip of water.

"Terrific! Now that you mentioned it, I had thought about one for the MH-47...Ocelot, the wild feline. Wattya say?

"Ocelot? That's perfect bro!" Roland replied

And we can't forget the Ghosthawk...definitely a Wraith; you never see it coming, only when it's on top of you...and you know you're screwed.", Herbert added before eating some ramen.

"Pretty fitting for such a quiet bird my friend..also I believe we had a CH-53 with us as of the Nightstalker's was flying it, callsign Heartbreaker."

"Yeah...and i'm not certified to fly that Goliath monstrosity of a helicopter." She added

"Perfect. Goliath!", Herbert shouted. "Now we need to find David..."


Two Hours later:

"You two! Meet me in the Admiral's office immediately" Nagato said while pointing to Roland and Herbert

"Yes Ma'am." Roland and Herbert said

A few minutes later they arrived at the Admiral's office

"I am Nagato, the first of the Nagato class Battleships and one of the big seven."

"Big Seven eh? Very powerful ships for their time they were, until the Yamato class took to the seas." Roland said

"410 mm guns...mighty power. Btw, ma''s an honour to meet you.", Herbert bows in respect.

" two are as Yamato stated a wish come true, now I must discuss the situation with you two." Nagato replied before clearing her throat

"Three months ago our Admiral went missing...when we deployed a search party to locate him all we were able to find was his hat and one of his gloves, he is presumed dead....I was his secretary prior to this." Nagato said

"I'm sorry for your loss ma'am..." Roland said

"Yes...thank you for your kind words, we are also at war with an enemy known as the Abyssal's...and I have been acting as the leader of the fleet since the Admiral's death...There is no way to say this but I and everyone on this base need you to be our commanders...our Admiral's...please consider my offer." Nagato added

Roland's eyes opened wide and he reached out to shake Nagato's hand

"We'll do it ma'am! It would be an honor to serve with you and the others! What do you think Herbert?" Roland replied

"From CIA hostages to Admirals? Sign me up!! One simple question, though: why us? I mean, the others are more experienced than us..."

"My sister Mutsu witnessed how you performed when your ship was attacked. You kept calm and saved your comrades, that takes a lot of Admiral has courage. Plus those super aircraft of yours could be very useful and it seems that you and your comrades are more than capable of flying do you accept?"

"It's an honor to hear such kind words from you...of course I accept your offer." Roland replied with a salute

"That you let me use your kitchen every now and then. I gotta keep my cooking skills fresh...", Herbert grinned while cracking his knuckles.

"Oh yes please do...we have our chef Mamiya but of course she mainly makes sweets, she's not as good at making proper foods...hopefully you're capable."

"Then it's settled!" Herbert shook her hand in excitement.

"Glad you're excited, do us proud."

"We will ma'am!" Roland replied

"Can you believe it Herbert?? We're Admiral's!" Roland said barely containing his joy

"Hard to believe...our lives have changed completely in the last 18 hours..." Herbert replied

"Yeah..likewise man. I'm actually glad I got this far, much better than working at some car wash that's for sure!" Roland added

"Who knows where we would've ended up if we stayed in the academy...", Herbert chuckled.

"Yeah...very true my friend." Roland nodded

"Well, one thing's certain: from now on, we gotta be a lot more responsible. For the girls...and us." Herbert said

"Yes we do...they need someone to guide them and we took that job, let's do it with honor and distinction." Roland replied


"Everyone may I have your attention please?" Nagato asked.

"Today I have recruited not one but Two Admiral's to help guide us into the future and fight the ever growing Abyssal threat...I would like you to meet them and get to know them both." Nagato added


Chapter 3: We're going home!!...or not?
The Third installment to Warship Struggle! Our heroes finally find themselves in the Kancolle universe and are given a very serious job to do!

Story and OC's © :iconroddy1990: & :icontodesengel18:

Kantai Collection (KanColle) © Kadokawa Games &

Chapter 1 (prologue):…

Chapter 2:…

Image found here:…
Roland headed into the rec room and grabbed a microphone. 

"H-hey i'll be singing a I look for the right girl I guess you could say i'm just a wanderer." Roland said before Marcus and Dion showed up with a saxophone and guitar (if you know this song you'll get the Dion reference :XD: and this isn't really cannon to the story Warship Struggle that me and my buddy :iconroddy1990: are writing..just did it for the laughs :D )

Roland cleared his throat and the instruments started to play

"Oh well, I'm the type of guy who will never settle down
Where pretty girls are well, you know that I'm around
I kiss 'em and I love 'em 'cause to me they're all the same
I hug 'em and I squeeze 'em they don't even know my name

They call me the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Oh well, there's Atago on my left and there's Haruna on my right
And Mutsu is the girl with that I'll be with tonight
And when she asks me, which one I love the best?
I tear open my shirt I got Musashi on my chest

'Cause I'm the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Oh well, I roam from base to base
I go through life without a care
And I'm as happy as a clown
I with my two fists of iron and I'm going nowhere

I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place, I roam from base to base And when I find myself fallin' for some girl
I hop right into that Blackhawk of mine and fly around the world

Yeah I'm the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Oh yeah, I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place, I roam from base to base
And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl
I hop right into that Blackhawk of mine and fly around the world

Yeah, 'cause I'm a wanderer
Yeah, a wanderer
I roam around, around, around

'Cause I'm a wanderer
Yeah, a wanderer
I roam around, around, around

'Cause I'm a wanderer
Yeah, a wanderer"

Original song :XD:


United States

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