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A gallery with various photos of planes and cars. I also write original fiction as a writing exercise so they will also appear on here, please enjoy :)



Name: Oscar Diederich (formerly Alexandr Pavlov)

Age: 70

Date of birth: July 30th 1947

Gender: Male

Rank: Prime Minister

Race: Caucasian

Place of birth: Kholodnyy, Ruvania (immigrated to Kesalia as a child)

Height: 6'3

Weight: 198 Lbs

Oscar was born in Ruvania in 1947 during the height of the Great Pangaean War against the newly formed WePAC allies and the Peoples Union of Ruvania. When the war ended in 1954 he and his mother fled to Kesalia with new identities, shortly after his mother passed away he was placed in an orphanage at the age of seven. When he turned twenty-three he graduated from Hailwood University with a political science degree. 
And as he grew older the hatred inside of him for Kesalia and the WePAC began to grow and grow as he spent his time living in the nation. In 2010 he was voted into office as the Prime Minister of Kesalia...where he would slowly begin to hatch his master plan. Two years before the war broke out he cut several vital programs to Kesalia's national defense in an attempt to weaken it without anyone being any the wiser. He then secretly flew via private jet to the Ruvanian capital of Osesa where he met up with the Ruvanian president Igor Bordenov a man that he had known since he was a child. They soon hatched their plan and on May 7th 2016 the supercontinental war had begun..


Oscar is an opportunistic person...he will lull you into a false sense of security with his kind demeanor..but behind the kind smile and the kind attitude lies an evil man with one plan and one plan only, to eliminate what stands in his way.
Oscar Diederich G-forces of war OC
The bio for the main antagonist has finally been done! This is a pure work of fiction any events similar are purely coincidental. Enjoy :D

G-forces of war supercontinental is copyright of both me :icontodesengel18: and my awesome friend :iconroddy1990:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
February 18th, 13:00 Hours (1:00PM)

Anthony was laying down in the crew lounge sofa and gazing at the cieling. Soon he heard a familiar voice enter the room.

"My it's been so long! I missed ya kid." Ricardo said with a smile. Anthony got up from the sofa and gave him a big hug.

Juan saw Anthony and his uncle and decided not to disturb them and ruin the moment. He went to check the hangars again. And there was Elson, along with James.

"Hey guys. Thanks a lot for the help back there. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have achieved success.", he gave them a brofist.

"I've heard about the Ruvanians' it really what some pilots claimed? Mach 5, so maneuverable that makes the mighty F-22 look like a WWI biplane?", Elson asked.

"It was. It is. Actually...for the first time in my life...I felt scared. They had the upper hand in the fight all along. If they wanted, we wouldn't be here right now. Guess that's why I lost sanity for a moment...and tried to take that bitch down."

"Who, Lieutenant?", James questioned.

"Ved'ma, the woman Voodoo knew before the war."

Elson sighed and sit in a chair. Feet over the table, a coke in his hand. "Man...a woman with a broken heart is more dangerous than a nuclear warhead ready to blow up. Mr. Cleroux better keep his eyes open. She almost shot down Boomslang 2, right?"

"Indeed.", James replied. "Her bird took quite a hit, it was almost in DBR condition."

"We'll need something else to deal with those pesky fighters. Something better...faster, more much as my R-2E is a better bird than's still too conventional. We need something out-of-the-box, new.", Juan stared at random jets taking off. Cargo models, fighters, bombers...there was a lot of movement at Courtlyn International Airport now that it became an emergency base for the WePAC forces.

As their chat went on Anthony and Ricardo appeared. 

"Mind if we join guys?" Ricardo asked

"'s an honor to meet you. Wyvernian Air Force Flight Lieutenant Juan Stutz, at your service.", Juan reaches his hand out to shake.

Ricardo shakes Juan's hand and then pats him on the shoulder, "Thank you very much for participating in my truly is an honor to meet you as well. I wanted to meet my nephews girlfriend as well but it seems that she's in the sickbay."

"*sigh* I just asked her out on a date not too long ago...but i'm not sure how that'll play out now." Anthony said with a shrug.

"Oh, don't worry about it. Kim's a tough girl. Besides, I can't miss you two lovebirds' marriage, after the war!", Juan chuckles. "I wanna be the best man, eh!", he pat Anthony's back.

Anthony laughed "Sure you can man! When this war is over I won't mind taking a flight to Wyvernia."

Ricardo walked around James' and Elson's aircraft.

"My god i've never seen a Catalina with so much firepower...and an AH-64A Apache? She may be old but she sure is capable as proven when you rescued me Grasshopper."

"Yessir!", Elson saluted him. "She's old and temperamental, but still got some tricks up her sleeve, more than enough to bring tears to the enemy's troops!", he chuckled.

"Elson, why don't you let the rest of the team have a look at your Apache? No offense, but...she needs some love, I think.", Juan commented.

"Hell no! I'm the only one who takes care of my bird, Lieutenant. Ever since I nearly crashed during trining flight, back in my rookie days, no one but myself touches them. It was because of a faulty rear rotor, badly installed; damn blades went loose and flying around, almost killed people on the ground too! I was lucky to put the chopper on its feet before it started spinning like crazy, even though the landing skids and tail were ruined. So because of that...I have a little trouble trusting other people's work.", the mechanic explained.

"Whoa, man...that was quite serious, I see! Sorry about my words."

"I'm not offended, my friend; just became a bit overly cautious. But it's fine.", he calmed Juan.

"Damn buddy...that's quite a fuck up for the mechanic..I remember when my F-4 ate a crew chiefs hat because he wasn't aware of his surroundings...also that Catalina caught my eye too." Ricardo replied.

"Yeah man...she's seen some serious late co-pilot referred to her as a bath tub but she still pulled through." James said

"Well, that's the most well-armed bath tub in the continent, that's for sure!", Juan joked.

"Hey guys I gotta go for a bit." Anthony said

"Take care!" Juan and the others replied


18:00 Hours (6:00PM):

The group were relaxing in the rec room when Kim walked in.

"Hey guys! What did I miss so far?"
"Heeeeey! The Vixen Queen is back! With all due respect, of course.", Juan winked before patting Kim's back. "Good to see you safe and sound, Kim! Little Voodoo here couldn't stop walking around the room out of concern...right boys?", he chuckled.

"Totally! This man's hopeless!", Elson added, laughing.

"Well that's how a proper boyfriend should be!" She said with a wink 
Anthony walked up and hugged Kim from behind "Man oh man i'm glad you're okay!"

"Wooooooow, lovebirds are go!", Juan joked again. "Actually...Kim...would you be so kind to introduce me to the girls of your old squadron? Even though we're all part of the same team now...we still haven't met properly, you know...and I saw quite a lot of cuties and...well...hopefully the war won't last forever, and a man eventually ends up hanging his flight suit...if you know what I mean.", he winked.

"Oi, I'm interested too, plus there's plenty of them for both of us!", Elson pushed Juan, laughing. "Pleeeease...", Juan made a sad-puppy-like face, bringing heavy laugh and tears from everyone in the room. 

 Kim laughed "Sure guys...Vixen six and Ten are still alive and available..they're the blonde and the brunette! Plus unlike me they're not tatted up" Anthony chuckled and replied "Wooow lovebirds are go, really bro? And Kimmy don't get rid of those tattoos...or that mowhawk." 

"Hooyah! HIGH-FIVE!", Juan cheered along with Elson. "Last one pays the drinks!", then ran out to his locker to get himself ready.

Unfortunately...the intercomm requested everyone's presence at the airport's improvised war room.

"Oh, sod it! Looks like we'll have to leave the introductions for later! Let's go, guys.", he walked out of the building, somewhat sad and annoyed.

"Duty calls my brothers!" Anthony said

"Oh well...back to the old grind...James managed to source me an F-16C Block 50 so i'm not planeless thankfully!" Kim replied.

"Block 50, huh...hey, Anthony, isn't your bird based on it?", Juan asked.

"Yes it is! Albeit with some mods." Anthony said

"And guys...when this war is over...Let's all get together someday." Anthony said with a warm smile.

Kim then hugged Anthony "And i'll be sure to hook you and Elson up with Vixen six and ten..but beware they are quite the handfull sometimes!" Kim said to Juan.

"It means a lot to me, Kim. Thank you very much. Now...", he clenches his fist. "Let's prepare to put an end to this war!"

"Right on my brother! Let us do this.." Anthony gave Juan a bro fist and headed to the war room.


21:30 Hours (9:30PM)

General Celuchu walked into the briefing room to begin the briefing for the next mission.

"Greetings pilots, with the past success over the course of this war we have managed to cripple the Ruvanian war machine but we are not out of the woods yet. The Ruvanian navy is steaming towards the coast to provide additional supplies and reinforcements to the occupying troops. it looks like we will have to face them head on. This is the biggest battle yet and we will be sending EVERYTHING we've got to meet these bastards. The Boomslang leaders will be transferred to the HMKS Excelsior and will tasked with leading the first wave of naval and land based fighters while Aragord and Crickett will provide rescue operations for downed pilots..., get some much needed rest and prepare yourselves...this is the big one!"

"You are all hereby dismissed...Except for Cleroux, Stutz and Meitzen. I would like to have a word with you three.."

*Anthony waved to James* "good luck buddy!"

When the rest of the pilots vacated the room Celuchu dropped a very shocking surprise on the three pilots.

"You three are some of the best pilots i've ever seen in my 30+ years of serving this beautiful country. Your dedication and passion is beyond admirable Kesalia,Prosperia and Wyvernia...your countries must be honored to have you in their ranks...but enough of my babbling...there's a special guest who would like to speak to you three before you get going."

*Celuchu leaves the room and afterwards the man himself walks in*

The three pilots look in awe and salute...king Julius Armistead..the king of Kesalia himself has arrived dawning a flight suit.

*The king looks at the pilots and lets off a warm smile*

"I have heard many wonderful things about you three pilots. While I may be the leader of this country I have always believed that a proper king would fight alongside his soldiers...after all i was once a fighter pilot for the air force. I want you three to fly along with me. *chuckle* I guess we can call ourselves the four knights of the round table!"

"Make that Five Julius!" Ricardo said as he walked in with his flight suit and helmet.

Julius stared at Ricardo wide eyed

"My friend...It has been too long! It's so great to see you once more!"

"Likewise Julius...My Nephew and his comrades are the ones to thank for saving my ass though.."

In the hard times of war comrades were lost and many suffered but even in battle hope can be restored and friends and family can be reunited...This war will be over soon and we will all be able to go back to our homes and most importantly back to our loved ones...

Chapter Eleven: Extraction (Epilogue)
Our story is nearing a close! The final chapters will be submitted soon!

GFoW: S is copyright of me :icontodesengel18: & :iconroddy1990:

Character Juan Garcia Stutz is copyright of :iconroddy1990:

Special thanks to :iconroddy1990: for all his help in writing this story and his truly means a lot man :)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
0400 Hours (4:00AM)

Ricardo put the radio down as the gunshots rang out and quickly grabbed his AK-74M. He opened fire on the Ruvanian commandos shooting at him. 

"MIKHAIL, GET YOUR WIFE AND CHILD IN A SAFE POSITION I'LL COVER YOU!", Ricardo shouted to his new friend as he laid down covering fire.

"Ja, my friend! Maria, go with your mother, keep your heads down!", He prepared to cross the field. Fortunately there was a trench ahead to provide more cover. "Whenever you say!"

Mikhail then popped green smoke, as the fighting intesified and as hope began to fade explosions rocked the ground around them and the Ruvanian soldiers began to point their guns skyward. A PBY Catalina and AH-64A Apache appeared on the horizon and began attacking the targets. Ricardo shouted with joy, his calls had been answered.

"This is Grasshopper me and Papa Surf are inbound, Hang tight!" Elson said over the radio

Ricardo replied on his radio "Not just me...My friend and his family as well."

"Errr Lieutenant I only have room for one passenger."

James then replied "Elson you take Ricardo...I'll take his buddy and his family, my catalina has the looks like I can touch down near the shore."

"Copy that, Papa. Coming in hot!", Elson came low following the shore. Locked on and fired a Hellfire in a T-90 MBT getting closer through the field. As soon as immediate threats were taken care off, he landed on the sand, where the group was. "Move move move! You three, to the boat! *points to James' Catalina, after landing on the sea and arriving at the shore* Lieutenant, get in, double time!"

"Papa Surf, Grasshopper this is Boomslang 1 It looks like we've got company, you guys gotta wrap your show up ASAP and get the package outta there!", Anthony said.

Mikhail continued putting rounds down range as James made the U turn to taxi back into the water. He picked up the Catalina's wheels and threw the engines into maximum power. The plane sailed to its takeoff speed and headed for the sky, Thanks to Mikhail's aide Elson saw a brief but effective window of oppurtunity and landed his helicopter. Ricardo sprinted to the Helicopter and entered the rear seat and Elson took off as quickly as the helicopter would respond

Right when Mikhail and his family got in the Catalina and began to take off, Elson spots new threats.

"Shit, T-95's! Mr. Ricardo, hold on tight: we're going for a wild ride!", he said as gained altitude to avoid enemy fire and prepare for counter-attack. "Ive got 4...5..6 of them."

The T-95's didn't waste time, trying to shoot down the "Grasshopper" with all the might of their 130-mm main guns. Elson had to perform crazy maneuvers to dodge them. Locking on, he fires his Hydra rockets and destroys 2 of them. Moving on, the Apache takes hit by machine gun fire, even causing some windows to crack.

"Hang the fuck on!"

The last set of rockets are fired, killing 3 more tanks. Now is down to the last T-95...vs Elson's 30-mm cannon.

"Aaaah!", he charges toward the tank to prevent being hit by the main gun, unleashing his 30-mm fury over the target. T-95's are well protected against machine guns, and he ends up overheating the gun for shooting too much; jammed.

"Whatever, we're getting the hell out!"


0600 Hours (6:00AM) Sunrise...

Elson soon rejoined formation with they thought they were finally out of the woods they soon had company. SU-25's approaching at low altitude along with SU-35's,J-20's and J-31's at high altitude.

"Boomslang 3 here...I count about forty contacts on radar both at high and low altitudes, Me,Boomslang 1 and 2 will deal with the Frogfoots. The rest of you take on the high altitude birds." The trio dived to low altitude to engage the SU-25's.

The SU-25's soon closed the gap with the Apache and Catalina, as the pilot locked on he was soon splashed out of nowhere by one of the boomslang's.

"Hooyah! Scratch one Frogfoot!" Juan cheered.

The air battle raged on and losses piled up on both sides...but soon for some reason the remaining enemy fighters disengaged and began their retreat....Then three massive radar signatures appeared on Juan's radar.

"Boomslang 3 to all planes...I have three unknown's on radar. Altitude 114,000 feet and approaching at mach five!"

"Shit...looks like things just got a bit harder" Anthony said.

"Voodoo..." said an unknown female voice with a Kesalian accent.

"That damn voice, I'd recognize her anywhere! It's her!!! The wicked witch!", Juan yelled at the radio. "All units, watch out for incoming hostile! Don't let your guard down!"

The three enemy fighters descended from high altitude and downed several more boomslang fighters. "SHE'S BREAKING UP!!" shouted a Kesalian plot before his signal faded to static.

"Boomslang 1 to all planes! Retreat I repeat retreat, We'll hold them off!" 

Kim locked onto one of the unkown's and fired an AIM-120 "Boomslang 2, Fox 3!", the missile simply bounced off of the fighter.

"You bitch! Now you're as good as dead!!" Shouted the enemy pilot.

"What the hell? No effects at all?! Boomslang 3, Fox 3!", Juan then fires a "Karushya" missile...which is also deflected. "No way!" Anthony then fired an AIM-140 Stormbreaker also to no effect.


"She has some kind of shield around the aircraft! And with that speed, we can't lay a finger on it!"

"Plus there's three of those suckers out there... I think it's best that we retreat..we can't afford to take any more losses nor hang around any longer. Boomslang 3, if you've got a data recorder on your R-2 then I hope you recroded this stuff because maybe your buddies from Ratliff can find a potential weakness."

"Actually...we're just doing that right now.", a new voice could be heard on the radio. Juan recognized it. "Boss?!" "Hello, my boy!", It was Nathan, in his BO-733 a few miles away. "Nosy 1 here, we're analyzing the data on the enemy aircrafts; they seem to use the same feature from the super fortress we spotted at the Russel Glacier. Avoid direct contact at any costs!" "Boomslang 3 to all units, you heard Nosy. Retreat!"

The trio along with the surviving units turned back and headed to allied territory...but the Ruvanian pilot wasn't going to allow it. She lined up her fighter and fired the laser, the laser pierced through Kim's F-16XL and caused some serious damage. 

"SHIT! This is Boomslang two! I've been hit...I can still fly but i'm in very bad shape...I gotta drop altitude." Kim said. Anthony soon joined her and flew under her fighter to inspect the damage.

"My god Kim...she did you in pretty bad. Your rudder was basically sliced in half and you're leaking fuel.."

"Laser? Holy cow...looks like the perfect match to me!", he smirks while trying to intercept the one who nearly shot Kim down. "COME ON, WITCH! I'M RIGHT HERE!", he tried to get behind and shoot at her with his laser too, but the Ruvanian fighter's speed and agility was simply mind-blowing, beyond human-capable, almost...supernatural!

"Ved'ma! Let us return to base...the commander will be very happy to know the test results of our new fighter."

The enemy fighter engaged full power and sped away from Juan, Juan then turned around and rejoined formation...

"Boomslang one to all of our members is heavily damage and we need to land soon...You all did well, our mission was accomplished, but unfortunately we lost some brave pilots along the way..Set your course for Courtlyn International Airport...Sagemoor Province, Kesalia."


10:30 Hours (10:30AM) Sagemoor approaching:

"Courtlyn tower this is Boomslang 2...requesting an emergency landing, please have emergency rescue on standby..I need a doctor.." Kim said. 

"Courtlyn tower to Boomslang 2, you are cleared for emergency landing..."

Kim touched down on the runway and slammed on the brakes..because of the damage sustained and the sheer force of the brakes the nose wheel collapsed and her plane soon skidded to a halt. As the canopy opened the emergency vehicles appeared, pulled her out of the plane and hosed it down. They then loaded her into an ambulance and took her to a nearby hospital. Shortly after Juan,Anthony,James and Elson landed along with the surviving Boomslang's.


Chapter Eleven: Extraction part 2
The second part of the chapter...epilogue coming soon :) GFoW: S is copyright of me :icontodesengel18: & :iconroddy1990:

Character Juan Stutz is copyright of :iconroddy1990:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
February 17th 2017 1500 Hours (3:00PM):

After the attack on NAS Port Isabel by Ruvanian forces and Prime Minister Oscar Diederich's betrayal the trio were called in by General Celuchu for a private meeting. The trio stood at attention and awaited to hear the General speak.

"At ease...We have a very important mission, this is also the very first mission for your newly formed squadron, the "Boomslang's". We have been receiving for the past month and a half a signal..this signal was coming from deep inside Ruvanian territory."

Juan was curious. "A signal, you say, sir...a beacon?"

"Yes Stutz, but it wasn't in the Ruvanian was in english. Now going off a hunch back in 1991 a Kesalian pilot by the name of Ricardo "Reaper" Martinez was shot down...he was presumed dead though..."

""Reaper"? Are you sure, sir? The legendary fighter pilot whose story is known even by Wyvernian pilots?!", Juan was shocked.
Anthony's jaw dropped "Reaper?! The Reaper?! That was my mothers brother! He was the whole reason I wanted to become a fighter pilot.."

"Wait, YOU?! His nephew?" now Juan was walking in circles, laughing. "Well, I'll. Be. DAMNED! Ain't this world small? I was friends with one of my favorite figures' nephew all along!" He then shook hands with Anthony again. "Bro, it's an even greater honor to be flying along you, know this."

"Yep..he's my uncle, he was a hell of a pilot. He flew an F-102 Delta Dagger when he was shot down.."

Kim then looked at the two pilots and chuckled. "I can't believe this! Reaper was a legendary pilot and when I was in flight school we learned a Maneuver called the Reaper shuffle... And I was even asked on a dinner date by the pilot that's related to him? Damn Stutz is right...this world truly is small!"

"Well, now...*ahem* back to the serious subject.", Juan recomposed himself. "If your uncle is still alive, we gotta find a way to get him out of there, asap!"

Before they could continue their conversation a young intelligence officer barged into the room.

"GENERAL!" the young officer shouted

"What is it soldier?" Celuchu replied with one eyebrow raised

"We managed to decipher the signal, we got rid of most of the distortion and were able to clearly understand most of it" *grabs the recorder and begins playback*

"Cal..calling all Kesalian military assets! th-this is First Lieutenant Ricardo Martinez...I have managed to escape the Dark Vaults work camp in Osesa Ruvania..I have with me very vital intel."

"General! Orders, sir!"

After the General listened to the tape he took a sip of his coffee and responded. "This is such short notice but if we wait any longer Lieutenant Martinez is as good as dead...Cleroux,Stutz and Meitzen. Prepare your aircraft for immediate takeoff, the Boomslang's will be receiving their first mission...Also bring james and if possible mr Crickett along." Anthony and Kim saluted and said together "Sir yes sir!"

"Will do, sir!", Juan saluted as well and rushed out of the room.

"Now...Elson!", he grabbed his cellphone to call the Sergeant.

At Touhsea Airfield, the phone rings. Elson picks it up. "KBD's Headquarters."

"Elson? Lt. Stutz!"

"Hey, Lieutenant! How's it going?"

"No time to waste, my friend! Prepare your team, we're gonna need all help we can!"

"Wait, does that mean secret informations? Let me settle things here...gimme a second."

He turned off the phone and proceeded to call Juan back through a portable radio comm. Juan checked his phone and there was a KBD symbol. He clicked on it, and the call was decrypted with Elson's device.

"There, now the line is encrypted for outsiders, it's safe to talk."

"Right. A Kesalian prisoner managed to escape from Osesa and it's of vital importance that he be rescued!"

"You're talking to the right man, sir! I'll get my crew on alert and the airfield ready for you guys!"

"Elson, more than that. I need you to take your Apache for this mission."

"But sir...Osesa is deep within Ruvania. I'm not sure the 'Grasshopper' can go that deep in enemy territory."


"*sighs* Alright, fine."

"You the man!"

"I know that. *laughs*"

When Juan finished his chat with Elson Anthony walked up to him to ask him for an opinion on the mission.

"Hey buddy...I really need an opinion on this, Jame's Catalina received some upgrades during its repairs and i'm wondering if we should have him bring his bird along or let him sit this one out...last I checked he got a 57mm mounted on the nose to replace the twin 25's.."

"Bro...we're gonna save your uncle. Don't you think we should go at it with EVERYTHING we got? Hell, if I had a twin, I'd be putting him to fly the Leoqoon already!", Juan clenched his fists.

Before their conversation could go on the intercom sounded

"Will Captain Cleroux please report to the maintenance hangar, I repeat Captain Cleroux to the maintenance hangar."

"*shakes Juan's hand* Well my brother, I've gotta get going. I'll see you in the sky soon enough." Anthony said

Anthony made his way to the hangar and saw that there were in fact no aircraft sitting in there until an alarm sounded and the platform rose from the ground to reveal James standing next to Anthony's new fighter.

"So kid whattya think, ain't she pretty?!" James asked happily as he stood next to an F-16.

"It's an F-16, I flew one of these when I was in flight school, brilliant little birds they were." Anthony replied.

James chuckled "Well kid this isn't your daddys F-16, this is an 
F-16 block 50++  she's got the latest engine from General Propulsion developed for the F-16...she pumps out about 35,000 pounds of thrust in afterburner and about 28K in mil power. These new F-16's aren't like the old F-16's from my time either buddy no siree. This baby has composite materials similar to that found on the 5th gen birds albeit mainly to reduce weight along with a RAM coating courtesy of the boys from Ratliff. Plus there's no need to worry about this one getting taken away from you like what happened with your Raptor. Lastly this bird is a ONE OFF, as in she's literally got your name on it...instead of F-16C the designation is F-16CA as in Cleroux Anthony. Lastly this bird is capable of ground attack but she's more of a back to basics type bird as in she's optimized mainly for air combat hence her lighter weight and incredible engine power...she can kick some ass on the ground too but her main role is air to air."

Anthony stared at the plane with a shocked look on his face which soon turned into an ear to ear smile. He walked around the plane and inspected it. He admired every little detail on it.

"So buddy! Wanna take her for a spin?"

Anthony looked at james with a somewhat disappointed expression

"I'd love to man but I gotta rest up, We've got a mission tomorrow night and I want to be at my peak performance...but don't worry this new bird will see some PROPER action!" Anthony fist bumped James and headed to the lounge area


February 18th 2230 Hours (10:30PM)

The trio had finally received approval to go on with their mission. Their fighters were loaded for a long range escort mission, without anymore time to waste they climbed into their aircraft and took off along with several other fighters from the Boomslang squadron.

"Boomslang One to all planes..In this mission we will be going deep into Ruvanian territory to rescue a comrade. If any of you wish to turn around speak now."

"I say 'attack the dragon with everything we've got!'", Juan added, excited.

"THAT'S what I like to hear!" Anthony replied

"I'll fight until the very end" Kim added

"Anyone else?" There was a moment of silence "Very well then, let's do this!"

"We'll proceed at 30,000 feet until we reach the border, then we'll drop to 3,000. Intel says there's a 1,000 ft gap between the terrain and their long-range radars. We can use that to our advantage!"
"And if I may add our primary role is to escort our friends Elson Crickett and James Aragord. Aragord and Crickett will be handling the extraction while we fly top cover...In a few hours we will be approaching Ruvanian territory so we will be cutting communication to maintain the element of surprise."

"Downlink activated, informations received will be transmitted to the whole squadron by secure line. Boomslang's, let's kick the bucket and light the fire!"

The squadron met up with their allies and headed towards their destination.

"Papa Surf here. I'll provide CAS for Grasshopper and his Apache in my wonderful Catalina while you guys fly top cover to keep those bugs off of us."

The squadron continued their mission to Osesa, Ruvania but before they could continue they had to meet up with the tankers. When they neared the refueling point they were greeted by massive KC-747X tankers. The planes all refueled and continued on to their target.

0300 Hours (3:00AM) approaching the coast of Osesa Ruvania

"Boomslang One to all planes this is it! Drop your altitude to 3,000, Boomslang 3 take point."

"Roger that!" Juan said as he moved in front of the formation. 

The squadron dropped to their altitude and began their flight deep into enemy territory to rescue a fallen comrade.

"Papa Surf to Grasshopper, Looks like we're flying nap of the earth!" James said happily as he began to put his Catalina through its paces

"Roger that Pops!" Elson replied.

0350 Hours (3:50AM)

Another radio transmission then blared through Juan's was from the same person.

"Calling all Kesalian military assets. This is Lieutenant Ricardo Martinez, I have taken refuge near the Ruvanian coast and with me I have the family that aided me in my escape. We have managed to find a safe place to hide.." Before Ricardo could finish his distress call  gunshots rang out.

"SHIT! We've got Civilian's involved." Juan said angirly

" Stutz...I can only carry one extra person in my Apache....wait a sec...I've got it! Aragord you'll have to perform a water landing to rescue the family...after all the Ruvanian government is gonna want them dead for helping an enemy prisoner escape. Cleroux and Meitzen you guys stick to the plan and if need be help provide CAS." Elson replied

"You're a genius my boy!" Juan said


Chapter Eleven: Extraction
Here it is! 

GFoW: S is copyright of me :icontodesengel18: & :iconroddy1990: 

Character Juan "Razyr" Stutz is copyright of :iconroddy1990:

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Anthony "Voodoo" Cleroux's F-16 is a heavily modified F-16 based off of the Block 50 development. The Block 50 F-16 has been fitted with composite materials and a RAM coating developed by Ratliff Aero to both reduce weight and radar cross section. The aircraft is also equipped with the General Propulsion AF311-GP-135 engine producing 35,000 pounds of thrust in full afterburner and 28,000 pounds in military power. To cope with the added power and speed the Canopy has also been replaced with a heat resistant thermoplastic variant allowing the F-16 to safely reach its top speed without the risk of damaging the canopy. The aircraft is also capable of ground attack like any other F-16 but as per Anthony's requests it was optimized primarily for air combat.

(the specs are based off of a real life F-16 with some changes related to the aircraft featured in the story)

Specifications (Block 50++):

Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 2.12 (1,568 mph, 2,523 km/h) 

Cruise speed: Mach 1.2 (913 mph, 1,469 km/h)

Range: 2,600 nmi with 3 external fuel tanks

Combat radius: 470 mi

Ferry range: 2,200 mi (1,740 nmi, 3,220 km)

Service ceiling: >60,000 ft

Maximum design g-load: −5.0/+12.0 g sustained 15g instantaneous

Empty weight: 15,340 lbs

Loaded weight: 25,000 lbs

Max. takeoff weight: 50,000 lbs

Powerplant: 1 × General Propulsion AF311-GP-135

Dry thrust: 28,000 lb

Thrust with afterburner: 35,000+ lb 


1x 20mm M61A2 Vulcan

6x AIM-9 Sidewinders

6x AIM-140 Stormbreaker's or AIM-120 AMRAAM's

8x GBU-39's

12x MK.82's

4x JDAM's
GFoW - S: Aircraft profile F-16CA
Another aircraft profile :XD: Ratliff Aero is copyright of my good buddy :iconroddy1990:

G-Forces Of War: Supercontinental is copyright of both me :icontedesengel18: & :iconroddy1990:

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January 15th 2017:

James: Yo Voodoo! I got some good news and some bad news, what do you want first?

Anthony: Just get it over with James...i'm so dangerous that i want to hear both at the same time :XD: 

James: Well you asked for it...alright the bad news is you're going to have to give your Raptor up *James pauses as he's cut off*

Anthony: WAIT WHAT?! I'm without a bird??

James: :facepalm: Dude...settle down I didn't even finish yet. Anyway King Armistead managed to revive the F-22 program but considering the complexity of the aircraft not many can be built in such a quick rate while maintaining good far despite the use of an underground factory away from the action they only managed to increase the Kesalian air forces original fleet of 190 F-22's to just 400. A decent number but still not enough for everyone.

Anthony: :shrug: it is what it is I guess...what can i expect as a replacement?

James: I think you'll like it ;) *hands Anthony an iPad with a photo of the aircraft*

Anthony: WOW! I am in love...still pissed but in love.

James: I doubt you'll be pissed when she arrives. This is an F-16 block 50++  she's got the latest engine from General Propulsion developed for the F-16...she pumps out about 35,000 pounds of thrust in afterburner and I think about 29K in mil power. These new F-16's aren't like the old F-16's from my time either buddy no siree. This baby has composite materials similar to that found on the 5th gen birds albeit mainly to reduce weight along with a RAM coating courtesy of the boys from Ratliff. Plus there's no need to worry about this one getting taken away from you.

Anthony: hmmm i'll take your word for it 
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