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A gallery with various photos of planes and cars. I also write original fiction as a writing exercise so they will also appear on here, please enjoy :)



Part one:

An air raid siren sounds over Angelus, Kesalia. The Uganean military has done the unthinkable. A surprise offensive was launched on the morning of May 7th 2016 their targets the parliament, Athijan naval base and Aquila AFB. As the air raid Siren roared Anthony "Voodoo" Suarez scrambled to his Tomcat and took off as fast as he could to intercept the massive flight of TU-95 Bomber's and their SU-27 escort fighters.

"Darkstar this is Voodoo, i've managed to get airborne are there any other RKAF (Royal Kesalian Air Force) fighters in the vicinity?" Anthony said over his headset

a voice crackled over the radio "Voodoo you've got two F-16's vectored towards your position to assist. Hold out until then and take out as many of those bastards as you can" 

"Roger that Darkstar."

Anthony locked up six of the Bomber's and launched his six AIM-54's he had onboard. He managed to hit four of the other bombers while the other two missiles missed their mark. Anthony then threw his plane into full afterburner and merged to engage the bomber flight up close. He fired his two sidewinders at one bomber and downed it and then as he went to focus on the next one he was jumped by two Uganean SU-27's. Anthony went on the defensive to shake the two flankers as he thought all was lost help finally arrived as the two F-16's finally made it to his location and splashed the two Flanker's before they took him down.

Anthony said happily "WHOO looks like i owe you both a cold one! Thanks for the assist"

"That you do! Good job on taking out some of those pesky bears...we'll get the rest." The F-16 pilot chuckled. 

soon AWACS crackled on the radio with a disappointing update "Darkstar to all planes. General Celuchu  has ordered a retreat to the south, link up at Paradiso International Airport for further instructions and an address from the King Armistead himself."

Part two:

Three hours after the attack Anthony along with the remaining aircraft landed at Paradiso International. After the pilots relieved themselves and grabbed a nice cup of coffee they sat down in the pilots sat in the airport lobby to hear the kings speech. Soon the king himself entered the lobby and stood behind the makeshift podium in full uniform from his military days. The pilots and soldiers then stood up and saluted their leader.

"Settle down everyone...before i begin I would love to thank each and every one of you for going above and beyond the call of duty for your country. Today on May the 7th 2016 the Uganean air force launched an attack on our country's soil. Today is indeed a sad day for me and all the people of Kesalia, When those planes loomed over our beautiful capital and when those bombs fell i wondered with a heavy heart how something so tragic could happen. Just like the civil war waged over four hundred years ago which separated our beautiful continent Pangaea and created the two nations and thus the world as we see it today....BUT we will persevere. We will not let the communist power of Uganea defeat our nation and we will persevere and we will NEVER let our enemy defeat us...we will fight tooth and nail for the people of our nation and hopefully ONE day we will reunite our once harmonious continent that was once separated by a bloody civil war."

The king concluded his speech and all the military personnel in attendance rose from their chairs and cheered with pride. After the speech the pilots headed to the ready room to receive an update on the capital.

"Alright flyboys listen up!" barked General Celuchu "The Uganean air force in their daring raid managed to take control of our nations capital and occupy a fair amount of the surrounding region, in the attack we lost three squadrons worth of fighters and nearly two thousand personnel on the ground and about five naval vessels in Athijan. Our prime minister being the great person that he is decided to cut our defense funding at such a horrible time then again these attacks are called surprise attacks for a reason. Our King has overridden the PM's bills and our factories located in the southern most region or safe zone are in the process of producing new aircraft to supply the surviving front line squadrons,Neighboring nations Prosperia and Wyvernia might also be committing to the fight. As of now all may look lost but we will succeed. Rest up and await further orders DISMISSED!"

To be continued....
Chapter one: It begins...
Kinda short for a first chapter but i guess this is more of a prologue. Pardon my grammar :XD: more to come when time permits!
Name: Anthony Suarez

Callsign: Voodoo

Age: 24

Date of birth: April 17th 1992

Gender: Male

Rank: Captain

Race: Hispanic

Place of birth: Angelus, Republic of Kesalia

Height: 5'8

Weight: 170 LBS

Anthony was born in the Kesalian capital of Angelus. He always had a love for anything with an engine and fast, especially fighter aircraft. Every now and then as a child he would skip class just to sit near the air force base and watch the fighter jets takeoff and land as well as do their training exercises. At the young age of sixteen he got his pilots license then at twenty he enrolled in the Kesalian school of flight. While there he pushed his skills to the absolute limit in his academics,the simulators and in the skies. He managed to graduate at the top of his class and score a pilots slot and at twenty-five his training was complete shortly before the war between Kesalia and Uganea broke out.

Anthony's Aircraft(s):

F-14D Super Tomcat (replaced with F-22)

F-22 Raptor
In the late 1500's a massive revolutionary war rocked the once harmonious supercontinent Pangaea. At wars end many soldiers and civilians lost their lives and as a result of opposing political ideals the great continent was divided in half the newly formed nations became known as the Republic of Kesalia,the empire of Prosperia,Wyvernia and the People's union of Uganea. In 1946 the WePAC treaty (Western Pangean Alliance Committee) was signed between Kesalia,Prosperia and Wyvernia. Seventy years later in the year 2016, The People's Union of Uganea and its allies declared total war on their neighbors to finish what started long ago..The Supercontinental was has begun...
G-Forces Of War: The Supercontinental War synopsis
What if Pangaea never broke apart to form planet earth as we see it today? and what if a massive war for supremacy over the continent took place?
Name: Ricardo Martinez

Callsign: Reaper

Age: 23

Date of birth: August 30th 1941

Rank: First Lieutenant

Place of birth: Orlando Florida

Race: Hispanic


Ricardo was born into a strict family. His father was an aircraft mechanic in WWII,Ricardo always had such a passion for aircraft and flying. When he was a kid he could practically talk a persons ear off when it had anything to do with planes. At the age of eighteen Ricardo graduated high school and was accepted into the US Air Force Academy. As a cadet he advanced through the ranks and proved that he was capable both in the air and on the ground. When he graduated he was granted his dream. A pilot slot, in 1964 Ricardo was deployed to Vietnam and assigned to an F-102 Delta Dagger squadron. A year later His F-102 was shot down and he was later transferred to the newly formed 311th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Todesengel's" that began to receive the newer F-4E Phantom's.

Ricardo's Aircraft:

F-102 Delta Dagger

F-4E Phantom II
Ricardo Martinez OC
Ricardo was originally the grandfather of a protagonist in a story i was wrote three years ago and also a minor character but some of the people that read my story seemed to like him..i did as well so i am very tempted to make a story all about him.
One of the best badges in the business by Todesengel18
One of the best badges in the business
A closeup of the beautiful Lamborghini badge. I openly encourage those who like it and Lamborghini's in general to use it as their smart phone wallpapers :)
So a week ago I drove the Ferrari 458 Italia and let me say that all the reviews are true. The car was super precise,incredibly responsive and oh so beautiful to drive and look at overall. On top of that the interior was well put together and for the type of car it is the comfort and ride quality were excellent. I drove the car on a track environment and the way the car gains and loses speed is just mind boggling. Here is a video of my drive below.

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